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River Cruises

What do you get when you combine luxury, history, intimacy and cultural experiences?

A River Cruise! 

Travel city to city across inspiring destinations in a leisurely manner to hard to reach ports of call.  Dock just steps away from city centers or major attractions.  Find out yourself why river cruising has been gaining popularity and wind your way through many countries across the globe via their waterways. Choosing the right itinerary or cruise line can be a daunting task. Let us help you plan an experience of a lifetime.


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River Cruise Spotlight

Viking Gefjon Exterior
Viking River Cruises logo
From: $3,599.00
Number of Nights: 9
Ship: Viking Gefjon
Come see the rainbow of colors and visit some of Belgium’s most beautifully preserved medieval cities for the ultimate 10-day spring journey in the Low Countries. Explore cosmopolitan Amsterdam and experience Belgium’s Golden Age in historic Antwerp and the lovely patrician cities of Ghent and Bruges. Plus, enjoy savory Dutch cheeses on this delightful cruise.